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Do You Tinker with Your Security Cameras?

Well, I do! And I cannot help but to Tinkering with my security and trying out new stuff all the time and new position for the cameras.



The other day I was reviewing the security cameras that I had tried and thought that you might be interested in some of my past experiences. I have owned 5 different kinds of security cameras would like to share a couple of my findings with you.

For the best viewing on a night vision camera, one should use a 4.6 mm lens or better. This gives a much sharper picture. Most of the cameras have a 3.6 mm lens which does not give the clearest picture. My experience was that they were a bit fuzzy on the recordings!
Now I have found that the 1000tvl cameras which are high speed and gives a great resolution of what is happening in the yard. I get supper pictures when I play the recording back, all the images are very clear and recognizable.
This is compared to the 800tvl cameras which I found produced an acceptable but rather hazy picture. But did not have the clarity I wanted.
So much for the technical details about the high spec cameras, however the Arlo The range of security cameras cover, everything that one would require for protecting one’s property.
The Arlo unit is small and very easy to install and connect to your computer, phone or pad. The Arlo is ideal for an internal or external mounting giving one instant protection by in that one is able to witness what is happening the instance an incident has occurred or even while it is being carried out by an intruder.
We have received numerous reports that intruder tampering with cars in domestic yards have caught by this system!
Installing of the Arlo is simple and a customer carried this task about in
15 minutes! Smooth set without any hitches. Mind you, it was the second time he had undertaken the task. Adjusting the cameras’ positions took a mite longer.
As you can well imagine, one must look for the widest possible view of the area one wishes to protect.
Another very useful item that is available, are the fake security signs. By this I mean, one is able to purchases signs which warn the public that your property has installed video surveillance! These signs have proved to be a deterrent and offer a certain amount of protection making one feel a little safer.
The wireless system is particularly useful as one can move the cameras around the house or yard to suit the occasion, without disturbing the operation of the system you have installed. And add advantage is that one can incorporate sound into the system as required.




Today one is able to fit a door bell to ones front door which will automatically link to your phone!

This system is wonderful for instructing the delivery man, as to, what to do with ones parcel or letter when he ring the front door. With the video included one is able to identify the delivery and instruct him where to leave a parcel.


Now you know that I take my home security very seriously and have no hesitation in recommending that everyone should install some sort of deterrent and avoid the laborious requirements of competing pages of claim forms for the police and the insurance company home-securty.connectedto.info exclaiming what the is now missing.
Why not get your home security right here from the comfort of your home, taking time to study all the various systems and using the customer comments to find out which is the best suited for your home, knowing that you are dealing with a trust worth store.
Should you require any additional information, use our chat line on this page to contact me.



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